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2019년 이사회 개최
운영자  (2019-04-04 오전 9:34, Hit : 12451, Vote : 458)
2019년 신임 회장 첫 이사회를 다음과 같이 개최합니다. 일시 : 4월 12일(금) 오전 11시 장소 : 김천시 대항면 직지로 148, 황악산아래 회원사 여러분께서 협회에 건의할 내용이나 협의가 필요한 것이 있으면 광역협의회장에게 사전에 알려주시기 바랍니다.
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U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allan Gropper in Manhattan on Thursdaysaid there was no evidence that Kodak or its creditors were"hiding value" from shareholders, who under the proposedreorganization would lose their investments.
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"Jobs are being created in our economy because we are fixing the economy and the economic plan is working. I just want to make sure we don't leave behind a generation who are long-term unemployed. That's what happened, I'm afraid, over the last couple of
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The body of a missing hiker, whose search and rescue were hindered by the federal government shutdown, was discovered Tuesday night in an Idaho national park nearly a month after she was first reported missing, park officials sai
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Hunt has promised more primary care funding, and Health Education England has been charged with getting many more GPs into the system, but even the minister admits existing plans may be inadequate. And beneath these national number
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A former strategy director of Whitbread and global brand director of Dutch brewer Heineken, he was brought in to run the then English Wines in 2001, six months after it was “crashed together” by original investor
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But Friday창?혲s opening-night film is equally representative of the wide-ranging program. Tom Hanks plays the titular commander in 창?혵Captain Phillips,창?혶 a thriller from Paul Greengrass (창?혵The Bourne Supremacy,창?혶 창?혵United 93창?혶) about
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Sterling spent the preivous night in a police cell after being arrested at 10.30pm following an incident in Page Moss, Huyton, Liverpool. The player, from Woolton, was granted conditional bail and will stand trial for common assault at
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Call centres increasingly deal with complex issues asclients use the internet to solve basic problems and domesticworkers are more able to handle social nuances, said MikeHavard, founder of customer management consultancy Ember.
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Pelosi made what she called "an unprecedented offer." Shesaid if he would permit a House-Senate conference on funding forthe rest of the year, Democrats would surrender their right touse the rules to add items that might embarrass Republicans.
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For frontier economies in the rest of sub-Saharan Africa,Rwanda's 10-year bond sale in April, for which it paid less than7 percent, is likely to remain the high watermark. But fundmanagers point out this is a return to normality - it was thel
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Under the state law that created the emergency manager position, Detroit could not file for bankruptcy without the governor's approval. Lawsuits by pension funds and city workers, filed earlier this month, had sought to prevent a
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The militants who fired this latest volley into Eilat have done Israel the unintended service of providing a potent reminder of why realistic and defensible borders in the Middle East are so important.
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The International Energy Agency estimates U.S. production of oil and natural gas liquids will exceed 11 million barrels per day, making it the biggest producer outside OPEC, by the second quarter of next year.
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RM: The issue of hypocrisy and double standards pertains to the foreign policy of many countries, and it can be pointed out in numerous instances. Countries don창?혲t make foreign policy decisions based on cookie-cutter approaches to morals or i
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In particular, the IMF said international lenders shouldhave considered restructuring Greece's privately-held debt in2010. Instead, they waited two years to do so, a delay whichallowed private investors to sell their Greek bonds and shif
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"Bachelor" star Gia Allemand died on Aug. 14 of an apparent suicide at the age of 29, according to reports. The reality show contestant, who appeared on season 14 of the series, was admitted to University Hospital in New Orleans in criti
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The disclosures, which come in the form of opinions by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), are part of an effort by the Obama administration to calm the controversy after leaks by former NSA contractor Edward Sno
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"Large investment banks should not be allowed to warehousephysical commodities like fuel or building materials, inflatingprices for consumers and small businesses and profits for WallStreet," Senator Ed Markey of Massachusettes
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Kaine said Reid is considering offering an amendment thatwould provide only enough funding to keep the governmentoperating through Nov. 15, instead of the Dec. 15 date containedin the House-passed bill.
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Grambling athletic director Aaron James said that the school could face a $20,000 fine, according to the Southwestern Athletic Conference bylaws. But he said a fine had not been issued as of Monday night and he wasn't sure if the
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The suit states representatives of the owners of copyrights to Gaye창?혲s song 창?혵Got to Give It Up창?혶 and Clinton창?혲s song 창?혵Sexy Ways창?혶 have warned Thicke that he and his collaborators have used elements of the songs in 창?혵Blurred Lines.창?혶
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The outlook is anything but sunny for the solar industry. First Solar reported weak quarterly earnings and revenue. The company slashed its outlook for this year. Its share price plunged 10 percent in pre-market trading. First Solar
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However, please note - if you block/delete all cookies, some features of our websites, such as remembering your login details, or the site branding for your local newspaper may not function as a result.
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After finally making it past crowds and blocked traffic, Francis switched to an open-air popemobile as he toured around the main streets in downtown Rio through mobs of people who screamed wildly as he waved and smiled. Many in the crowd looke
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GTA IV's Hell Angels-inspired DLC episode wasn't the first 3D GTA game with online multiplayer 창?혫 that honour belongs to GTA: Liberty City Stories on Sony's handheld PSP (2005) with its experimental six-player ad-hoc Wi-Fi mod
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To many in the West, Hezbollah is primarily a military organisation. The group was officially founded in 1985 during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, when it resorted to suicide bombings and kidnappings in its quest to drive foreign forces from the c
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Unemployment, currently at 7.8%, is probably the favourite benchmark to use: GDP is seen as too prone to revision, and inflation is no good as it takes too long for the impact of stimulus policies to be known.
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If you take a look at past debate performances, when one person dominates a stage, it is not so much about the command performance of one, it is about how the other collapses or underperforms in their own right. Though Presid
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The center could also serve as a glowing example of what should happen when hospitals are closed throughout the city, Calman said, alluding to Interfaith Medical Center and Long Island College Hospital, two struggling Brooklyn hospitals.
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"Construction across Scotland has been falling for quite some time and despite an increase in activity, there is still a long way to go and a number of financial barriers to remove before we can start talking about a full recovery."
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창?혵We창?혲re disappointed that the DNR is going to go ahead with another needless sport hunting and trapping season for wolves,창?혶 she said. 창?혵Hunting strains a wolf population that창?혲s already under pressure from a declining pr
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Maurkice Pouncey apologized on Monday, writing on Twitter that: "I fully recognize the seriousness of the situation involving my former teammate, and I regret that my actions appear to make light of that serious situation."
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“I’m just thankful to have this opportunity,” White said. “Who knows what’s going to happen. I don’t think I hurt myself. But I don’t know if I helped myself. Right now I’m just kind of, I guess, getting ready
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The wicketkeeping duties will be performed either by Jonny Bairstow or Jos Buttler. James Harris, the Welshman who has moved from Glamorgan to Middlesex in the close season, was added to the ODI squad, along with Woakes, a
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Police closed off part of the road at 5.30pm on Tuesday as paramedics treated the girl, believed to be from the Barnes area, before she was flown by air ambulance to Newcastle창?혲s Royal Victoria Infirmary.
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His argument will be that America – and any allies it can conjure up – needs to punish Bashar al-Assad for his use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus on August 21. But while his message will be delivered to the American p
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After that, her multimillion-dollar empire crumbled like a chocolate chip cookie. In June, the Food Network canned the 66-year-old chef from her show, where she was best-known for her brand of butter-infused and fattening recip
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Health care spending made up around $20,000, or around 8%, of the USDA's estimated child-rearing expenses for a child born in 2012. Meanwhile, child care and education expenses represented nearly 18% of the total costs for mid
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With other consumer goods prices already rising so fast, a big rise in the gasoline price could provoke a further jump of inflation. And while the government has softened the blow of subsidy reform in the past with cash payments to poorer
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Even more insulting is the idea that somehow people would not have been angry if those in politics hadn't gotten them all wound up with reports about the bonuses. If he really thinks the executives are entitled to the money – a
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While many other sites sell drugs more or less openly, Silk Road's technical sophistication, its user-friendly escrow system and its promise of near-total anonymity quickly made it among the best known.
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The central bank says it has allocated a total of $859million over the last seven months through four auctions of anew foreign exchange mechanism, known as Sicad, which is meantto complement decade-old currency controls.
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"People who had been there a long time had a more old-schoolview, that our job when we got drug applications was just tolook for safety and efficacy, and have that high bar," saidMeyer. "I never heard Janet articulate anything about loweringth
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We are now sitting around a large table in Mr Kitajima's farmhouse, eating Chinese food cooked by his "students". With ice-cold Japanese beer, we toast each other in Japanese and then in Chinese.
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Sherlund suggested that activist investors will pressure Ballmer to reconsider his strategy this summer, a reference to ValueAct Capital, which took a $2 billion stake in Microsoft in April and is in talks to get a seat on Microsoft's board.
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The three university officials are Graham Spanier, 65, who was fired as president amid the scandal that rocked the high-stakes world of college football; Athletic Director Tim Curley, 59, who was placed on administrative leave, and retired Senior Vic
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At the 2012 SAG awards, Kyra Sedgwick showed off a new tribute tattoo on her right ribcage on the red carpet via a daring red Pucci cutaway dress. The actress's fresh ink boasts her family's initials in an intricate pattern on her side - two K's, an S
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As for the 2013 election cycle: We know that Quinn is running for mayor, but she is the only female among the 14 most legitimate candidates running for the city's highest office. When we move down-ballot, it gets a bit better: Three of th
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Spokesman Martin Kotthaus said he had no knowledge of aninternal Bundesbank document quoted by Der Spiegel magazine,which the opposition attempted to use against Chancellor AngelaMerkel ahead of Germany's September election.
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But I창?혲m a sucker for convenience. When my friend pulls out her iPhone to check our speed walking progress, I can just glance at my Pebble, which is a good thing since I can barely keep up with her as it is.
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Chung's comments came at a prayer vigil for Bae at a Seattle Church on Saturday evening attended by more than 100 friends, family and supporters. Chung also read from a letter sent by Bae to his supporters written on June 13, in
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"Now we have a good target, and with the mouse we have developed, we have a way to screen therapies that might be effective, be they pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, or physical and cognitive exercises."
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This would all be comical and merely peculiar if it didn창?혲t reflect a larger, more troubling reality: The confusion of language is a direct result of a confusion of policy 창?혬 which is served by constant obfuscation.
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Toxicology tests found no alcohol or drugs in either Medland or his wife. The court heard that Medland was aware of her growing bond with another man because he had accessed her Facebook account.
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Many of her uninsured peers across the country are only now starting to pay attention. Local advertising is expected to begin in earnest across the country on October 1. Earlier this month volunteers in 10 states, including Texas, Florida,
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The former Chelsea manager will be just one of a number of key figures on the commission, which is also expected to include former players, FA board members, representatives from Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) and t
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Other than stocks, Jain and his associates offer advice on foreign exchange rates, gold, oil and even commodities such as mint oil. With more than 3,000 clients including Kumar and Sharma, the astrologer창?혲s business has grown by 25 t
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With increased sales comes increased scrutiny about the use of substances like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is used to make clothing stain and water-resistant - a big selling point for makers of outdoor clothing.
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Not only are they on trend with this season's American college vibe, but they are super soft and now in the sale! Plus, Cara Delevingne, Michelle Obama, Olivia Palermo and Kate Moss all have one, do you need another reaso
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Really, though, the idea of seeing Robert De Niro play yet another mobster in “The Family” taxes my brain. There’s no challenge here for one of Hollywood’s most gifted film stars. In fact, the only truly brilliant sce
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Still, Heinze says she was a bit anxious about putting in an offer and closing on the property because other than her educational costs, this was the most she's ever spent. "It's intimidating to think I will pay this much a month for the next 30 y
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Commander Pavel Vinogradov and Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy and Alexander Misurkin will be boarding inside a Soyuz TMA-08M Tuesday night. Vinogradov will be handing over control of the station to Flight Engineer Fyodor Yurchikhin on Monday d
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He has never told his story to anyone else, he says, explaining that he doesn창?혲t want to burden other people with his story or for people to feel sorry for him. 창?혵I try to keep everything inside of myself,창?혶 he says. The
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The 19-year-old ethnic Chechen was charged late last month with killing three people by setting off homemade pressure-cooker bombs, assembled by him and his older brother, in a crowd of thousands of race spectators on April 15, and later sh
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Burma’s minister of immigration and population U Khin Ye, said that the recent ease on border restrictions “is the fruits of the peace building – there will be more benefits and opportunities from developments, jobs, trade a
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Regarding defense ties, India and the United States have so far not finalized any joint high-tech defense projects, and MoD sources said that defense ties are likely to continue only on the basis of government-to-government defense sal
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** Telefonica said it believes it has compellingarguments to convince European antitrust regulators to approveits proposed acquisition of KPN's Germany unit and saleof its Ireland business to Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.
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A meeting of the sharpest minds on the day's most important topics, Debate Club brings in the best arguments and lets readers decide which is the most persuasive. Read the arguments, then vote. And be sure to check back often to see who has
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NEW YORK, Oct 17 (Reuters) - The dollar fell whileTreasuries and world stock indexes gained on Thursday as reliefover a U.S. budget deal shifted investors' focus to what thefiscal saga may mean for the Federal Reserve's stimulusprogram.
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"This spilled out into the streets of Brooklyn where an innocent person could have gotten hurt," said New York Supreme Court Justice Matthew D'Emic, who ruled last month the shooting was reckless, not intentional.
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Bird, a pharmaceutical consultant, decided against a traditional security provider like ADT and chose Comcast, already his cable TV company, to safeguard his vacation home on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.
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As filming continued, the show rotates in guest panelists, including Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant from 창?혵Million Dollar Listing New York창?혶 and Josh Flagg from its Los Angeles counterpart. Lewis said watching the guest panelists be har
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Care for yourself and your family at home by having a well stocked medicine cabinet. Make sure you have the basics including plasters, paracetamol, diarrhoea medicine and indigestion remedy. Have a chat with your local pharmacist who창?혲ll be happ
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A spokesman for the Runnymede Trust said: “Equally Ours is a partnership which we are involved in, which aims to show the benefits of human rights and the Human Rights Act for ordinary people in their everyd
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When Cristina Kirchner, Argentina's president, met him in March, a day before his formal inauguration, he gave her a kiss after she presented him with a gourd for mate, the traditional Argentine tea.
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My criticism of the Government is not that it ordered a Public Inquiry, but that it subsequently failed to give the trust this support. Mid-way through the Francis Inquiry, Stafford was forced to close its A&E overnight due to recruitment probl
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"The basic premise is that most people land on their heel (and) overpronate or underpronate," said Johanna Bjorken, the store's merchandise director. "This causes running injuries and shoes can address this. This has been the model."
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Most policymakers, 12 out of 17, projected the first ratehike would not come until 2015, even though the forecastssuggested they would likely hit their threshold for consideringa rate rise as early as next year.
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Yes, would like to be a fly on the wall in the coaches room because it should be an interesting discussion with Josh McDaniels trying to keep Tebow and Belichick wanting the spot to go to a special teams player!
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Aldo is undefeated in 15 fights, including five title defences, due to his measured and calculating strikes. His leg kicks, the result of a football background, have almost crippled opponents in the past.
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Shortly after the AP report July 7, the Government Accountability Office, or GAO, issued a report saying the MIA accounting effort was hampered by weak leadership, infighting and a fragmented approach to planning. The report recomm
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SIR – As a specialist registrar in clinical oncology, I cannot agree with Maurice Saatchi’s assertion that there is no cure for cancer because innovation is regarded as deviation (Comment, July 9).
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Second, the president and Congress should fix a firm year-end deadline to address the international aspects of corporate tax reform. We are in the worst of all worlds: U.S. companies have nearly $2 trillion in cash sitting
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Dexus already has a 14.9 percent stake in the CommonwealthProperty Office Fund (CPA). The group and CPPIB areoffering A$0.68 a unit in cash and A$0.4516 a unit in stapled
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